SerbFest Sponsorship Night

This year we had our sixth annual sponsorship dinner, it was held on October the 5th 2019. This is an event where local businesses from our community join forces with us and help jump-start the Serb Fest.? As usual, it was a fun time led by our friend Robert Milic.

Not only were we able to raise some money for the festival, but a few friendships were forged as well.?

This year’s general sponsor is Little Greek led by their president Mr. Nick Vojinovic.??

If you are not familiar with Little Greek it is a chain of local Fresh Grill restaurants. Little Greek has 18 Tampa Bay locations serving wonderful greek salads, flame-grilled chicken and delicious gyro pita sandwiches. Their tagline “Little Greek Fresh Grill, Fresh, Flavorful, Fabulous!!”?

We’re not ready to announce it yet, but we’re working with Little Greek on a few specials just for you! Keep an eye out the announcement, you may just get your self a free ticket!?

Also, special thanks to last year’s general sponsors Nedeljko and Lela Mocevic with SouthTrans Inc.

Below are a few pictures form the event!