Everything You Need to Know About: 7 DAYS ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP TO SERBIA

For 2019 Serb Fest Clearwater, our main prize is still 7 DAYS ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP TO SERBIA for two lucky people! However, this year AIR SERBIA stepped up and will provide you with TWO BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS!!!

You will have access to the exclusive passenger lounges at the network airports. When traveling from Belgrade, you can enjoy the comfort of their Premium Lounge.
You will enjoy the specialties of A la carte or Dine Anytime menus, prepared from the highest quality ingredients!

It is estimated that these two tickets are worth anywhere between $10,000-$12,000 depending on the date of travel!!!

Not only will you be traveling in style from Tampa to Belgrade, but we made sure that your stay in Serbia is nothing short of amazing.

If you?re not familiar with the entire package, here?s a summary of what?s included in 7 DAYS ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP TO SERBIA:

1. Traveling in BUSINESS CLASS from New York to Belgrade – courtesy of AirSerbia

2. Two nights in Serbia?s second-largest, and by many, prettiest city of Serbia Novi Sad ? courtesy of Hotel Zenit, located in the city?s downtown

3. One day in Serbia?s capital city of Belgrade where you will be dining in one of the city?s oldest and most prestigious restaurants Restaurant Kolarac located in the heart of Belgrade

4. Four nights in ethno village Gostoljublje where you will be provided with:

>Accommodation ? you will be sleeping in a small Serbian traditional cottage called VAJAT

>Food ? you will be eating organic homemade food, drink fresh crisp water from nearby spring

>Day trips are also available to explore West Serbia and it?s natural beauty

5. Traveling back to the US via AirSerbia BUSINESS CLASS

All this can be yours, so once at the festival, please stop by a designated AIR SERBIA stand where you?ll be able to get your raffle tickets!

Remember the main drawing will be held on Saturday- November the 16th between 7-8 pm! As always you will need to be present to win.