Introducing: Harvard University graduate Ph.D. Michael ( Mihajlo) Pravica

Michael Pravica, in physics, has discovered a new way of doing chemistry dependent on hard x-rays. It’s a process that could help explain why there’s life in the universe, and on a practical level, is useful in creating new types of materials, which he’s done. July 3, 2019 (Lonnie Timmons III/UNLV Creative Services)

It is our great honor and privilege to announce that Dr. Michael Pravica will be our guest speaker at 24th SerbFest 2019.

Dr. Pravica is a Serbian-American scientist and professor at the University of Nevada who got his master?s and a Ph.D. degree from Harvard University.

?Who was Nikola Tesla?, a lecture and demonstrations by Dr. Pravica will be held at the church hall, during the SerbFest on November 16th and 17th at 1:30 PM.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be present for this live lecture about “Who Was Nikola Tesla” by no other than the man who’s been following his steps – Dr. Mihajlo Pravica

Please join us to learn more about one of the greatest scientists and inventors that have ever lived.