Introducing > Ko to Tamo Peva <

How would you like to meet the music band from Chicago, who will be in charge of a good atmosphere this weekend!?

“Ko to Tamo Peva” – by many the best Serbian bend outside Serbia- was established in 2017.

Marko Zivkovic – comes from a family of musicians and has a well-established career as a musician himself. His extensive musical experience is earned by performing with some of the most popular bands in Serbia.

Goran Stanimirovic – is a known, long-time keyboardist. He has worked with some of the biggest stars from the Serbian music world such as Aco Lukas. 

Sanja Grahovac – a popular singer from Belgrade, established her career as a performer at various venues including performing at popular restaurants and well know establishments in Serbia and US.

As you can see, we are in for a treat by having this band performing at our Serb Fest. We were lucky enough to secure their visit in time and will enjoy the program they prepared for us. This band also performs in Europe and Australia.

They will be performing Saturday and Sunday.