Friday Night Movie & The Rock Concert

How about Friday night movie and then, to top it off, stay for the Rock Concert?!

The movie starts at 6:30 pm and right after that – around 8 pm – Leon Majcen will open for Rock Concert by Bistra Voda.

Please read more about the movie below. More about Bistra Voda and Leon Majcen coming soon…..



This film completes the portrait of Archibald Reiss and his mission as one of the most important founders of modern forensics and a man who dedicated a huge part of his life to Serbia, leaving a permanent mark in the history of the Serbian people.

His portrait is made with special attention given to the period after his arrival in Serbia, his work as an investigator and international correspondent on war crimes that had been committed throughout Serbia, as well as the circumstances of his life while he was traveling with the Serbian army during the most dramatic moments of the Great War.

The film was shot on location in Serbia, Greece and Switzerland.

Instead charging for the admission, you’ll have an opportunity for unsolicited donation to 93 year old Djordje Mihajlovic. You can read more about Djordje HERE.